Dreams Do Come True

Do you literally dream of travel? Did it ever feel real? Then it’ll very likely come true like it has done for me!!
May 8, 2017
Journey with the Johnstons

One night, just a couple of years ago, I had a very, very strange dream. As all strange dreams do, this one started out random and weird and I thought it would pass and disappear like most of them do. However for a moment it turned very real and it felt very strong, like maybe there was something important in what I was dreaming about. Anyways, I found myself in an exotic city… while I was dreaming I remember thinking about identifying this exotic city with the name Prague but I wasn’t sure. I was running around the city until I came across this building… it was strange on the outside, it looked unique and very distinctive. There was a fixation on this building and a strong sense of we are visiting maybe even living here, wherever this building is located. The dream ends and I wake with this lingering feeling of, it seemed so real, like I was really there. So naturally, I tell Dylan about it and then move on. At that time we had no idea we would be travelling the world in the foreseeable future.

It wasn’t until a few days maybe even a week or two later I felt the need to figure out what that building was and where it’s located. I browsed images online of distinctive, old, european buildings and when my eyes locked onto one, that was it. What I felt was so real, proves to actually exist! And I could give it a name.. La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.

With the satisfaction of solving this puzzle I unfortunately didn’t get the clarity I was really hoping for. Why did I dream of it and what was the underlying message?

Now, over two years later, that dream is no longer just a strange dream. It’s a very real experience and maybe just maybe it will bring with it clarity.

Note: By the time I publish this blog post the experience would have come and gone. But i’ll be filming it so you can journey along with me and uncover what it’s like to experience a dream in reality. Subscribe to our youtube channel and watch out for that video coming out very soon!!!

Maria Johnston

Maria is an explorer. She's always had a love for seeing new places, learning languages and meeting people. She's passionate and creative, loves sports and always looks forward to growing and challenging herself to be a better person.

Maria has had great success as a project manager, entrepreneur, and of course being a mum! She's a hard worker and has impenetrable focus when her mind is set on something.

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