Shall We Stay or Shall We Go?

Three months into our Journey and we have an impending decision we need to make!
December 26, 2016
Journey with the Johnstons

Our tourist visas are expiring at the end of February and so, we have a decision to make. Shall we stay here in Colombia a little bit longer or shall we travel on? If we travel on, where to? If we stay, where shall we go for a holiday? If we choose to travel on, shall we keep Lucas home after the Christmas holidays or will he keep going to school until we leave? And do either of these outcomes impact whether we will make it to my mother's funeral in May.

We've certainly been feeling very enchanted by Medellin, Colombia and we are certainly not the only ones. Many people visit and return to live here, and a growing trend we are noticing is people come here for a visit and stay. For our first stop and our trial run, Medellin has been the perfect start. We had no plans or expectations when we left New Zealand three months ago and now here we are feeling and living very happily. It's almost like we've settled here. Lucas goes to school here, we've all made good friends, we've adjusted to the lifestyle, culture and we don't seem to be affected by culture shock or homesickness. In fact, we don't feel any need or desire to leave except it would be lovely to travel on and explore more of the world. That doesn't necessarily mean we need to do it now. In fact, we don't really need to do much. It just depends on what it is we want to do.

So, how will we make this decision? 

We will probably make this decision very similarly to how we decided on this lifestyle change and adventure earlier this year. By looking at a few key factors. We will then analyse and evaluate each factor for each outcome and potential succeeding consequences/situations. We will find out information and values and put it into a spreadsheet. We will have many discussions with each other, express and process thoughts and feelings and eventually we will arrive at a conclusion.

1. Numbers

Doing the numbers always plays an important and sometimes critical part in decision making. In fact, this is often the determining factor. Can we afford to travel to the next destination/s and afford our living expenses. Do we benefit financially from the change of location.

2. Goals

We will look at our goals and see if whether we are satisfied with their progress and whether achieving those goals will be impacted by either outcome and if so, what are the potential impacts and are those impacts worth the outcome of the decision.

3. Desires

We will ultimately ask ourselves; what is it that we want to do. Is there a goal or a factor that outweighs all the others? Is there a consequence or an impact that we don't want to risk? Will we be able to live happily with the decision we make now?

It's funny, i'm thinking of a conclusion for this post like somehow I would know the answer to the title of this post by the time I reached the end of it. I'm certainly neither here nor there with a conclusion. I guess that's what happens when you live a free life with no plans at all. You have nothing to fall on to make the decision for you. You process it when you need to with what you know and make it in the moment. I even think of our "motto" for our journey which is a quote by Aristotle that change in all things is sweet. Which suggests a lean towards traveling on but the question I will leave this post at is, do we need or want, to change things now?

Maria Johnston

Maria is an explorer. She's always had a love for seeing new places, learning languages and meeting people. She's passionate and creative, loves sports and always looks forward to growing and challenging herself to be a better person.

Maria has had great success as a project manager, entrepreneur, and of course being a mum! She's a hard worker and has impenetrable focus when her mind is set on something.

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