What being a digital nomad family means to us

We're a digital nomad family, this is what it means to us, and how it may differ from 'regular' digital nomads.
November 20, 2016
Our Digital Nomad Lifestyle

I'm sure by now, you've heard of or know what a digital nomad is; someone who is able to work remotely or digitally and is able to live a nomadic lifestyle. One of moving around often, whether local or international. This can make for an amazingly unencumbered and unrestrained lifestyle. 

Imagine getting a single suitcase, just packing the essentials, and leaving everything else behind. It's both a freeing as well as daunting feeling; however, knowing you now have the freedom to go anywhere you can think of, just by packing your bag and walking out the door opens so many possibilities. All of the things you would otherwise be stressing about, worrying over, or have hanging over you could be gone. If you're anything like me, after hearing of such a thing you may think "too difficult" or "but I like my things!", and so the digital nomad lifestyle may not suit you?...well perhaps it may just be that particular type of digital nomad lifestyle that won't suit you, just like it doesn't suit us.

So, what does our idea of a digital nomad lifestyle look like, and is it the same as 'regular' digital nomads?

We're a family

Compared to many other digital nomads, the biggest difference to us is the fact that we're a family. When we decided to go ahead with the change in our lives, we had to consider things slightly differently. We had to ensure that we could still provide ourselves and our son with the necessities, hopefully some extra benefits too...steps forwards, not backwards! These things could be a range of things from education, through to new places to see and explore together.

Because of the things that we do as a family, it means we like to travel at a slower pace, know that where we're going is going to be 'suitable' for us, and ultimately, spend enough time together in a place where we get to enjoy the new experiences together. For us, the important thing is just being together.

More opportunities

As soon as we made the decision to change our lives, we knew we would be opening up doors for so many new things. We wanted to be able to save money (or, at least live cheaper), we wanted to be able to work from new and exciting places, and most of all, we wanted to get out and see what opportunities could come our way. This blog is certainly one thing in this category!

Even in the short time we have been travelling (so far!), we've been able to do so much. We set out to lower our living costs, and we have, by a third. Lower food and rent costs, no car payments, lower insurance costs have all contributed to being less financially strained. This flows through to not having to work as much, which opens up many other options for what to do with the time we have. We wanted to build a blog, an online presence but never really had a great reason to, again this has definitely changed. We love sharing our travels, coming up with good quality content, all with the hope that it maybe inspires or helps others looking at the same lifestyle. More and more opportunities are becoming available to us too, we can't wait to share them!

New friendships

Our social lives have risen from the dead! We made a promise to ourselves that with travelling we would get out more often, meet fellow travellers, even the locals! We wouldn't have guessed the difference this would have made to us, nor how simple and welcoming the digital nomad community is. The people we've met has really opened our eyes in such a good way. Sharing our own experiences, and hearing of theirs has shown we all have so much in common.

There are plenty of ways to connect to other digital nomads, even families doing the same. We've met some incredible people, our son has made some great friends, and we feel really welcome in the community. Thinking about all the people we've met, we're all actually very different, ages, interests, nationalities, yet we all get along amazingly, and share the same lifestyles and dreams. If you're ever thinking about joining the community, reach out and see for yourself, it's an amazing group of people.

Our journey as a digital nomad family has defined our home, it's defined what we want to be and where we want to go...that is simply together.

Dylan Johnston

Dylan is our rock. He's the reason we can do what we do. He works as a contract software developer and loves to build awesome stuff (check out his portfolio here).

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