When in Spain, do as the Spaniards do!

Find out why we’ve been so quiet over the last couple of Months!
April 10, 2017
Journey with the Johnstons

We’ve been in Spain for over two months now and honestly we’ve had to be a bit MIA regarding our online content such as this blog! It’s like, when you’ve fallen in love for the first time and you're so caught up in the moment that the world around you melts away, nothing else matters.

Ah bliss! We all deserve it, for it’s not always constant in our lives.

So, where shall I begin?

Medellin (Colombia) → Miami (USA) → Brussels (Belgium) → Valencia (Spain)

We felt like professional travellers on the journey from Medellin to Valencia, in fact customs staff at Miami International airport loved us so much because for a family of three we were in, out, clean and quick. To be honest though, it’s the only way we can stand travelling, by being organised, early and efficient.

We had a little bit of stress before boarding our Miami to Brussels flight as we learned we would be departing an hour or two later than planned. With a 3 hour stopover in Brussels we were sure we would be missing our next flight. Fortunately we didn’t miss our flight but we didn’t have any time to enjoy Brussels International Airport.

Arriving in Valencia we were stunned to walk right into Spain without any customs check or to see any form of security. Later we learned that we entered the EU or to be more specific the Schengen area via Brussels and that was where we got checked through customs. And because we were getting a flight out of Brussels, the customs process seemed so easy, at least we were never asked anything, our passports were quickly stamped and through we went.

We had an incredible three days in Miami. Here's a few family snaps ;)

Spent the day at Miami Seaquarium
Lucas and Dylan next to Flipper statue
We seem to add a bag at each major jump :)
Johnston family at Belgium Airport ready for the last leg!

A One Week Holiday

We Started in Spain with a one week holiday in Gandia - an excellent and highly recommended way to start a new chapter. We stayed right on the beach where we could wake up to the sun rising up from the Mediterranean sea and the view we had from our balcony was so incredibly stunning, we just couldn't help but enjoy every moment.

Unfortunately Dylan got pretty sick and wasn't able to enjoy the week as much as we would have liked. When arriving to a new place we all experience a bit of sickness whether its getting hit with a cold or upset tummies, in saying that, our overall health in the six months of travel has been better than it ever was living in New Zealand. I wonder if maybe that's because we've been chasing the sun, i'm sure the blue skies and sunshine has been a positive factor to our overall health during this time.

Welcome to Spain! We're already feeling like home here!
Woke up to this every morning was like a dream!
Lucas' favourite playground
Much fun was had on the beach of course

New Place, New Adjustments

The Spanish language here in Spain is quite different to Colombian Spanish in regards to pronunciation and some words i’ve grown accustom to using. For example; Orange Juice in Colombia is ‘Jugo de Naranja’ here in Spain it is ‘Zumo de Naranja’ where the Z is pronounced with a ‘th’ sound. Although the language has been a bit more challenging here in Spain it hasn’t been an issue and of course being in Europe many people either speak English or are very used to foreigners.

One of the biggest adjustments for us has been to do as the Spanish locals do, and adapt a new daily schedule which went from something like; waking up around 6-7am, having breakfast, lunch at midday, dinner at 5pm and Lucas in bed around 6pm.

Now, it is more like; wake up around 9-10am have breakfast, lunch around 2pm, going out for hockey training just after 5pm, getting back home about 8.30pm, eating dinner and Lucas in bed just after 9pm. And during the day whilst Dylan works, I take Lucas out to play on playgrounds, we go for big walks and explore the city, then we’ll do some baking, handwriting practise, reading books at home and even have a nap!

In terms of other adjustments like local transportation, where to get groceries and local culture we’ve had no issues whatsoever, in fact, within our first 12 hours we were feeling very much at home.

We spent Dylan's birthday at the Bioparc
Lucas attending his very first hockey training
Exploring Valencia City
Maria Johnston

Maria is an explorer. She's always had a love for seeing new places, learning languages and meeting people. She's passionate and creative, loves sports and always looks forward to growing and challenging herself to be a better person.

Maria has had great success as a project manager, entrepreneur, and of course being a mum! She's a hard worker and has impenetrable focus when her mind is set on something.

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